Heavy Water

Heavy Water, (dba of Vision Scape Interactive, Inc.) is an experienced game development and publishing studio located in San Diego, CA.  Having been in the business since 1997, we have extensive knowledge in building complete game engines from scratch for multiple console systems, writing cutting-edge tools for 3D modeling and animation packages, creating original properties for game, toy and 3D animated television series and self-publishing our own games and content for virtual worlds.  

Led by game veteran, Matt McDonald’s signature design and technical ingenuity, Heavy Water has broken barriers since the early 90’s on art styles, animation, technical pipelines and processes as well as deep design and gameplay innovations.

As a studio, we have contributed to over 100+ projects and game titles, ranging from MMO’s to Action Adventure with online multiplayer systems to rich, story-driven games featuring expansive characters and cinematics.  Having worked on many of the largest franchise titles for leading clients in the industry, we are a well-trusted partner and excel at contributing content for a variety of interactive platforms.  

Heavy Water is currently focused on self-publishing content for a variety of platforms that include Sony’s PlayStation3, PlayStation Home, iOS, PC, Mac, Linux and Android.






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