The team at Heavy Water is composed of an experienced group of talented and passionate artists, technologists and gamers who collectively have worked at some of the leading publishers and companies as well as having either worked on or created some of the most well-known IP in the industry. 

We keep the team deliberately small, which enables this extremely dynamic company to consistently deliver high quality products on time and in budget.

The core team consists of key artists and animators, backed by technologists with experience on everything from gaming consoles, online games and both rich clients and servers alike. The company includes on-demand talent both within the U.S. and abroad, giving Heavy Water global reach and a unique talent base to work effectively and efficiently around the clock.


Matt McDonald – Chief Creative Officer and President of Heavy Water: Matt has led all production and creative development for the company on multi-sku next-gen game development, 3D animated series production, game cinematics and trailers, original IP creation and licensed IP development for many AAA properties. He has managed and directed multiple teams simultaneously at various stages of development and has architected and led overseas production pipelines for game asset and animation development with various large-scale teams throughout Europe and Asia. Working with engineers to develop all internal technologies used for game and animation development, he has trained and mentored hundreds of students and interns who are now leaders in the game and animation space. Matt is a creator, an innovator and loves to empower others to create as well.

Tammy McDonald – Co-Founder & CEO of Heavy Water:  Tammy shapes the business direction of the company and manages the studio, which includes new business development, contracts and negotiations, budgets, proposals, and the overall operation of the company.

Tammy has acted as the Executive Producer on all projects at the company and has an intimate knowledge of all aspects of the production pipeline. She works with creative and technical teams to implement strategies to achieve game and technical design plans for game development on multi-SKU and next-gen console systems while managing staff, budget and timelines. She has also held positions as a lead-agent at game agency, DDM, and was the VP of Business Development at 3D-Facial Recognition Software Company, Image Metrics.












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